VOKSEO is a New York based Internet PR and digital marketing firm consisting of top-notch multidisciplinary designers and strategic planning experts who are masters of immersive technology.


  • ADS & PPC

    Our imagination and creativity are never held captive by the parameters of traditional marketing. We present our clients with innovative and novel ideas to increase traffic.


    Standing apart from the crowd requires not just technical competency but wordsmith artistry. We do copy right!


    We comb through your analytic data to better grasp the psychological factors that will familiarize you with your visitors’ assumed needs and preferences.

  • "Was really taken back by the depth of knowledge of the team and its leadership. In all my years of working with designers and developers I finally feel like this team understands what I want and need!"
    Sam N.
    VP at Rush Passport
  • "Their work is elegant, and their candor is casual. They are a team of talented and driven people that strive to deliver quality and honesty. I'm highly satisfied with VokSEO."
    Amy F.

    Artist Program Coordinator at Brookdale CC
  • "I believe in business that transparency is key and thats what we got with Robert and his team. Their approach was impressive giving us huge bang for the buck. The reporting and documentation showed a clear picture of what was done contrary to other companies we've worked with. Highly recommend this company to all startups in need of guidance."
    Artur I.
    Imagine Diamonds Co-founder
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